A few weeks ago I went to a retreat. Between praying, singing and talks, we had this dynamic that left me to meditate about my life. They asked us three simple questions:

  1. What is your happiest memory?
  2. What is your saddest memory?
  3. What is your dream?

Really simple questions at first sight. But if you seriously think about it, you may find that it is harder than it seems.

You start trying to remember all the times you have smiled and laugh, moments that meant something for you, things that brought you joy. But at least in my case, I couldn’t think of something that stand out from the rest.

Which let me thinking. Usually when you try to think about special moments, you think of weddings, birthdays, trips, graduations, etc. Events that are supposed to stand out from your daily life. And sure, they were happy moments, but were they the best moments of your life? Not necessarily.

I personally think that the best things happen when you are not expecting them.

The same goes with the sad memory. It probably was somthing so unexpected. That’s why it hurt you so badly, you didn’t see it coming; you didnt have time to prepare for it. But it will be easier to identify that one. Probably.

And the wish? Maybe you have such an especific goal, that you dont even have to think twice about it. But at the same time, it is a wish: It could be absolutely anything! Which makes you wonder what is your priority. Is it that goal that you are working so hard to achieve? Or it is health or love or whatever? Is it something for yourself or for someone else? Does it makes you selfish to use your wish only in yourself? But it is your wish after all, right? 

Three simple questions that can make you question your whole lifestyle and past. Crazy, huh?