I miss being in love.

The feelings you get when you

first see him;

the moment you realize

he has this effect on you

like a magnet

pulling on you;

the first text you get

and how you can’t wait

to tell all your friends

you don’t know what to text back

so you screenshot

and send on spam;

The time when you realize

there’s no way to stop the butterflies

its to late to get away

but its not only you

on who depends;

then he asks you on a date

you can’t find anything to wear

you have all this nerves

that refuse to melt away;

you talk

you stare

and then it happens:

he touches your hair

he tilts his head

you close your eyes

and then the lips collide,

like two bombs that crush;

but that’s just the start

of what could became

the best love story of your life.