You know how there are these things 

That you hate

But love at the same time?

Like drinking for example,

I love the taste of it,

But Im hating it the day after

Because even when at the time it gave me joy

Then it gives me pain.

Or breaking your diet,

While you are eating, you are so happy

But once you are done,

You just regret it for the rest of the day?

I have that feeling with silence.

Im in love with it.

I love how it lets you breath;

How it leaves you alone with your own mind;

It gives you peace.

But I hate it for the same reasons.

It makes you a prisioner of your own thoughts,

It forces you to think about everything and anything,

Specially the things you are trying to avoid;

It brings you sadness and worry.

Im in love with silence,

But i hate it at the same time.