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January 17;

Life consists of a series of events

These events consist on a series of actions

These actions consists on a series of desitions

Because every single thing we do

Is based on a desition.

So basically, 

Life is a decision.

Our past is the history of decisiyon we made

And the future is the possibilities 

Of every decision we will make

What’s the present for?

To actually make the decisions.


January 16;

A child

My parents call me

Only when they disaprove of my actions

An adult

My parents call me

Only when they talk of responsabilities

A teen when i ask for too many permisions

And a baby when they have friends over.

Apparently they can just switch

And switch

And switch

There opinions of my age

Depending of their convenience.

How unfair.

Sky Staring

Stare at your sky.

It has to be more clear than mine.

Mine has so many clouds,

It makes me wonder how many layers it has

It looks so permanent

Maybe they’ll never move

They are all shapeless

But its colors have me hipnoticed.
Maybe I had too many drinks

But when I stare at it for a long time

I can see them moving in a wave

Up and down with the air

Its the beautiful nature

Doing its thing.
The most interesting thing about the sky

Is that no matters where you are

Everyone has a piece of it

It changes every minute of the day

And once it has changed

You wont ever see it the same way

Ever again.


A few weeks ago I went to a retreat. Between praying, singing and talks, we had this dynamic that left me to meditate about my life. They asked us three simple questions:

  1. What is your happiest memory?
  2. What is your saddest memory?
  3. What is your dream?

Really simple questions at first sight. But if you seriously think about it, you may find that it is harder than it seems.

You start trying to remember all the times you have smiled and laugh, moments that meant something for you, things that brought you joy. But at least in my case, I couldn’t think of something that stand out from the rest.

Which let me thinking. Usually when you try to think about special moments, you think of weddings, birthdays, trips, graduations, etc. Events that are supposed to stand out from your daily life. And sure, they were happy moments, but were they the best moments of your life? Not necessarily.

I personally think that the best things happen when you are not expecting them.

The same goes with the sad memory. It probably was somthing so unexpected. That’s why it hurt you so badly, you didn’t see it coming; you didnt have time to prepare for it. But it will be easier to identify that one. Probably.

And the wish? Maybe you have such an especific goal, that you dont even have to think twice about it. But at the same time, it is a wish: It could be absolutely anything! Which makes you wonder what is your priority. Is it that goal that you are working so hard to achieve? Or it is health or love or whatever? Is it something for yourself or for someone else? Does it makes you selfish to use your wish only in yourself? But it is your wish after all, right? 

Three simple questions that can make you question your whole lifestyle and past. Crazy, huh?

January 13;

Sometimes I think of you

Of the way you move your hair

Of The way you close your eyes

Of the way you say goodbye

Is like you are trying to smile

But cant hide the tears in your eyes

Is like you want them to see you happy

But cant stop feeling the pain

Is like you want to believe it is fine

But cant convince yourself of that.
Sometimes I think of you

Of how you linger on your hugs

Of how you check on everyone

Of how you care so much

Is like the world gives you special time 

So every detail has been supervised

Is like the universe follows your guide

So everything goes exactly like you want

Is like God has you on his watch

So nothing bad would ever reach your life.
Sometimes I think of you

Of why you have such an amazing mind

Of why you never get mad at anyone

Of why you always trust so much

Is like you have a perfect life

But I know it is not like that

Is like you never have second doubts

But I know you regret so much

Is like you cant question anyone

But I know you have things to ask.
Sometimes I think of you

Of the way you say goodbye

Of how you care so much

Of why you always trust 

Is like saying goodbye was a punishment 

But you couldnt stand it

Is like you have so much love to give

So people should be glad to received it

Is like you could only see the positive side

But I know you’re smarter than that.

January 15;

Families are a complicated mess

There’ll always be fights

For every single thing

Every choice turns into a debate

And every little mistake

Is turned into a huge regret

Siblings turn into each other

Parents argue from time to time

Any alliance is temporal

You cant trust anyone.
Families are a complicated mess

Even then, you cant help loving them

Every single day

They’ll irritate you and bother you

From day one

Still, you’ll always want them by your side

You trust them with your life,

Even when they may fail you

More than once
Families are a complicated mess

They’ll insult you and hurt you

In different ways

But no one will ever be prouder

Of your success

You cant deny

They made you what you are today

Yeah, they may not be perfect

But for me, they are the best.

January 14;

Some people believe

the universe can be pro or against you

That it can hear you Or attack you

Help you Or ignore you

Some even blame it for their mistakes

Thank it For their success

Or workship it For their wishes

Those ignorant minds

Dont know that everything Is in their hands

Time Trouble

The world is full of problems.

The mayority of people identify the most important problems as war, hunger and poverty. But all of these can be solved.

In life, the world teaches you that to solve a problem you have to identify how it started and have diferent options of how to solve it.

If you look up the definition of “problem”, you’ll find variations of these:

Something that is difficult to deal with : something that is a source of trouble, worry, etc.

But, I’m not here to talk about any of these. I want to talk about time.

Because it is the ONE thing that we can’t do anything about. We can get more of it, but we can’t have back the time we already lost; that’s what makes it so valuable. So you could say it is a problem with no solution.

And if you think about it. You need time to solve all the other problems.

Which makes you think how important it is to take advantage of the time we have. Instead of wasting your time of social media and Netflix, procastinating and arguing, you can expend your time on this that will actually help you improve your life and be happy, like sports, reading, studying, walking, learning stuff, i don’t, there are infinite possibilities. And it just depends on you.

You only have one shot at living, there are no second chances if you blow this one.

Enjoy the time you have before you don’t have any left.


(Prague, Czech Republic)

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